Welcome to the wonders of the Bandite Nature Reserve

Covering nearly 9,000 hectares, the Scarlino’s Bandite Nature Reserve is a place where lush green Mediterranean scrub stretches as far as the eye can see, meeting the crystal-clear waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Located just a 30-minute drive from Marina di Grosseto, the reserve touches the municipalities of Castiglione della Pescaia, Follonica, Gavorrano and Scarlino. A journey through this protected area is not only an excursion into nature, but also a trip back in time, from prehistoric to Etruscan times, thanks to the numerous archaeological finds scattered throughout the area. The hills, pristine beaches and paths hidden among the trees are just the beginning of what you can discover here. Come explore the Bandite di Scarlino Reserve, a natural and historical treasure just waiting to be discovered.

A Journey Through History and Nature

The Scarlino’s Bandite Nature Reserve is a stage where nature and history are inextricably intertwined. This area has witnessed human presence since prehistoric times, as evidenced by findings of tools and remains of settlements. The Etruscan period, in particular, has left an indelible trace in the necropolis of Poggio Tondo, one of the most significant archaeological sites in the area. The name “Bandite” derives from the notices that were issued for the sale of parts of the forest, highlighting the deep bond that has always tied man to these places. Walking along the paths of the reserve, one can almost hear the echoes of ancient civilizations, while the stories of the past resonate in the foliage of the trees. Visiting it offers not only a break from daily life, but also a close encounter with the roots of our history.

Sentieri e Percorsi: Exploring the Bandite Reserve

Scarlino’s Bandite Nature Reserve is a true paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. With an extensive network of well-maintained trails, it offers paths for every type of explorer, from cyclists to hikers on foot and horseback. The trails wind through rolling hills and breathtaking sea views, traversing dense Mediterranean scrub and offering breathtaking panoramic views. Among the most popular routes is the loop trek from Cala Civette to the famous Cala Violina, a route of about 10 km that can be completed in about 4 hours. These routes not only allow you to appreciate the natural beauty of the reserve, but also to fully immerse yourself in the tranquility and peace that only unspoiled nature can offer.

Flora and Fauna of the Bandite Reserve

In the heart of Tuscany, the Scarlino’s Bandite Nature Reserve is a sanctuary of biodiversity. This protected area is home to a rich variety of plant species typical of the Mediterranean maquis, such as holm oaks, strawberry trees and cysts, creating an ideal habitat for numerous animals. Among the most notable inhabitants of the reserve are bird species such as hoopoe, mallard and various species of ducks, which find refuge in the wetlands and small inland lagoons. The Scarlino Coastal Protected Natural Area, an integral part of the reserve, plays a crucial role in the conservation of these species, providing them with a safe and unspoiled environment. Walking along the trails, it is possible to observe these animals in their natural environment, an educational and fascinating experience that reconnects visitors with the wild world in a respectful and sustainable manner.

The Hidden Beaches and Coastal Wonders of the Bandite Reserve

Hidden within the Scarlino’s Bandite Nature Reserve are some of the most enchanting and unspoiled beaches in Tuscany, true gems reachable only on foot. Among them, Cala Martina, Cala Francese and the fascinating Cala Violina, famous for its sand that “plays” under the footsteps of visitors, offer picture-postcard scenery with crystal-clear waters and breathtaking views. These coves, protected by towering cliffs and rich in marine biodiversity, are ideal for those seeking an escape from the crowds of more accessible beaches. Cala Violina, in particular, is restricted to preserve its natural beauty, with a daily limit of visitors that ensures a more intimate and sustainable experience. Exploring these beaches means immersing yourself in an atmosphere of absolute serenity and discovering corners of paradise where time seems to stand still.

Practical Tips for Visiting the Reserve

To fully enjoy the Scarlino’s Bandite Nature Reserve, it is essential to plan your visit carefully. It is advisable to arrive early, especially during peak season, to avoid crowds and take advantage of the cooler hours of the day. Guests of the RTA Pineta Azzurra can reach the reserve in just 30 minutes by car from Marina di Grosseto. It is important to wear suitable hiking clothing and bring plenty of water, a hat and sunscreen, as some trails are exposed to the sun. For those who wish to visit Cala Violina, remember to make reservations in advance, as there is a limited number of daily accesses. Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture the spectacular views and local wildlife. Finally, always respect your surroundings by following marked trails and not leaving trash behind.

Don’t miss a hike to the Bandite Reserve!

We conclude our virtual journey by warmly inviting all RTA Pineta Azzurra guests to explore the Bandite Nature Reserve in person. This extraordinary corner of nature offers not only an escape from the daily routine, but also a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in an environment where history and nature coexist in perfect harmony. From listening to the unique sound of the sands of Cala Violina to walking through historic trails that recall past civilizations, every moment spent in the reserve is an unforgettable experience. We invite you to be surprised by the beauty of these places, breathe in the pure air of the hills and relax on the secluded beaches. Come and discover the wonders of the Bandite di Scarlino, a natural treasure just waiting to be explored, respected and loved.